The Stormwater Program reaches out to organizations and classes throughout L.A. to present prevention tips on specific pollutants including pesticide/fertilizer use, pet pollution and household hazardous waste.

The 10-minute presentations are designed to be given in front of attendees and will provide helpful resources about keeping the neighborhood safe and clean.

Some of our past presentation participants include:

If you are interested in hosting a Stormwater representative to present at your club or class meeting, please contact us at (562) 597-0205 or

The Stormwater Program conducts interactive and informational presentations for L.A. students about the importance of pollution prevention at school and at home. The presentations explain how the L.A.'s storm drain system works and how the environment and wildlife are affected by our actions. Certain presentations also include a 10-minute school cleanup to demonstrate the connection between clean communities and clean costs.

We offer presentations for schools throughout the City of Los Angeles:

For further information on each type of presentation, click here.

To host a presentation for your class or school assembly, please contact us at (562) 597-0205 or

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Type of Material
During Office Hours
After Hours
Hazardous Waste
(e.g. chemicals, oil, etc)
(800) 974-9794
(800) 974-9794
Bulky (e.g. furniture)
(800) 773-2489
(800) 996-2489