November is always a nice break from wagging our fingers, telling people not to do things, and start putting our hands together for all the amazing work that our followers, partners and volunteers have done to assist and promote the efforts of LA Stormwater.

First of all, we’d like to say, to all of our fans on Facebook, “you like us, you really like us.” Well, we like you too, and we are very thankful for the support through your comments, likes and shares so that others can stay up to date on local volunteer opportunities, gardening and water-related events, clean water tips, relevant news for eco-minded fans, fun contests and more! You’ve all really helped build a strong and active Clean Water community! Share our page with your friends and help us continue to grow!

We also want to say thanks to our partners for joining the Clean Water Team Effort—to name just a few:  TreePeople, Green LA Coalition, Santa Monica Baykeeper, Mar Vista Green Garden Council, Keen for Green, the LA Conservation Corps, Heal the Bay, LA Creek Freak, Friends of the LA River, Friends of the Ballona Wetlands and My Plastic Free Life.  All your support and the contributions of your sustainable visions have not only helped our organization to thrive but have made tangible impacts on our local community and environment.

And finally, a million thanks to our many volunteers who lend a hand to protect our waters in any way possible. Clearly, you’re not afraid of getting a little dirty to make the world a cleaner place. Whether it’s through everyday activities, such as picking up after your pet, picking up litter, sorting your trash or more long term approaches such as properly disposing of toxic wastes, using ocean-friendly garden practices or harvesting rainwater, we see each of these efforts as a part of a big wave of change!

Most of all, LA Stormwater is thankful to be in a position to see just how many people in our community are committed to positive change in environmental stewardship. With all of the challenges we face together, it’s good to be reminded how grand the scope is when we say, “We are all in this together.”

Do you feel the same?  Tell us what you and your friends are thankful for in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!