On Wednesday, October 21, the Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) will be hosting a Prop O general meeting where they will be discussing Prop O funded projects such as Echo Park Lake’s rehab and the Westchester Stormwater best management practices project.

The public is welcome to attend this open forum meeting and will be given a slot on the agenda to allow for time to share their thoughts and concerns about Prop O related projects (see agenda items listed below).

The meeting will take place at 2:00 p.m. at the following location:

City Hall East, 15th Floor

200 North Main Street, Room 1500

Los Angeles, CA 90012


1. Approval of the Minutes for September 29, 2009 special meeting

2. City Administrative Officer (CAO)/Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA)/Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) representative update on Proposition O (Prop O) issues and Administrative Oversight Committee (AOC) meetings

3. Discussion and Possible Action: Westchester Stormwater BMP project

4. Discussion and Possible Action: Peck Park Canyon Enhancement project Front-funding for Prop 50 grant o Cultural Affairs 1% Arts Fee requirement

5. Discussion and Possible Action: Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation project design update

6. Discussion and Possible Action: Bureaus of Sanitation and Engineering Update on TMDL compliance and project schedules

7. Discussion: Bureau of Engineering Monthly Reports – September 2009

8. Discussion and Possible Action: Biennial Report to City Council

9. Discussion: Low Impact Development Ordinance

10. Discussion and Possible Action: Future agenda items

11. General Public Comment