On Saturday, we celebrate another year of our nation’s independence with summer sun, backyard barbeques and firework displays throughout our neighborhoods. The City wants to wish all Angelenos a fun and safe 4th of July and remind everyone to put stormwater pollution prevention tactics to the test this weekend. Make the commitment to join the Team Effort this holiday and keep our City clean for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

We encourage all residents to pick up after themselves when outside during the weekend events. Make sure all litter is properly disposed of in trash and recycling receptacles, so that we can all enjoy clean neighborhoods and beaches throughout the summer. Be sure to sweep up any remaining debris (instead of using a hose) and place it in your trash.

This is also important for the remnants of fireworks and other festive displays (ie: cardboard encasements, shells, packaging), because they contain harmful chemicals that can enter our storm drain system if left on the ground. Perchlorate, a common firework ingredient, remains in water for a long time, polluting our swimming and drinking water, and can also affect thyroid functioning in fish. To avoid beach pollution and storm drain clogs, please pickup any leftovers you see on the streets, beaches and parks.

Thanks for your efforts and Happy 4th of July!

Click here for a list of 4th of July events througout the City and County.