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The LA Stormwater Program is committed to keeping our neighborhoods, waterways and beaches clean and safe by reducing the amount of contaminated runoff that flows from our urban watershed. The LA Stormwater Program is using public outreach and education to mobilize our local community around the goal of protecting our ocean. With the help of all Angelenos, we can make significant strides towards a cleaner LA and a healthier ocean.

The Stormwater Program has two major elements — Pollution Abatement and Flood Control. Pollution Abatement involves public education, inspection, enforcement and program compliance while Flood Control is essential for protecting the life and property of LA residents.

The LA Stormwater Program has several resources for Los Angeles residents to gain information about the program and prevent pollution:

LA Team Effort:

Check out the LA Team Effort website to see what LA is doing to keep our waterways clean, read up on pollution prevention tips or sign up for our FREE quarterly eNewsletter.

LA Stormwater Blog:

Our blog offers the latest stormwater news, updates on the Low Impact Development (LID Ordinance), best management practices, advice for pet owners, cool contests and more. Let us know what you think by commenting on our posts.

LA Stormwater Calendar:

Get involved by visiting our Community Calendar for detailed information on local clean ups, general stormwater events and workshops.

LA Stormwater Facebook Page:

Join us on Facebook and stay up to date with the latest events and happenings regarding the LA Stormwater Program. Share your pollution prevention tips and photos with us on our page.

LA Stormwater YouTube Channel:

Check out our YouTube channel for educational videos and clips from LA Stormwater events.

LA Stormwater eNewsletter:

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LA Stormwater Website:

Find out how the City is using several methods to prevent stormwater pollution. These include installing low flow diversion structures, cleaning catch basins, investigating illegal dumpings and public education.

Stormwater hotline: 1-800-974-9794 Stormwater email address: LAstormwater@lacity.org

Contact the LA Stormwater Program to request public education materials or to report abandoned waste, accidental spills, clogged catch basins and illegal dumping in the streets or storm drains.

This blog is monitored by the LA Stormwater staff. We encourage you to share your comments and questions, but please keep it respectful and on-topic. Thanks!