Clean water is a team effort and Generation Earth is helping the LA Stormwater Program’s efforts in educating our City by providing kids and teachers with the opportunity to become engaged in their local communities and schools.

Generation Earth, an environmental education program of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, organizes Water Pollution Prevention Workshops in different areas of the City. These free events aim to help participants understand the dynamics of our urban watersheds.

Through localized restoration projects, teachers and students may install rain barrels, participate in a river cleanup or pick up trash along a streambed. All in all, the program is a direct way to allow people to become directly engaged and improve the health of their watersheds.

On February 11, TreePeople, which organizes Generation Earth’s projects, will be holding a Water Pollution Prevention Workshop in Beverly Hills. The half-day event is open to teachers, students and non-formal educators who are interested in organizing an event in their community.

For more information about Generation Earth’s February outing, or another Water Pollution Prevention Workshop to be held in Norwalk on March 3, please contact Loyda Ramos at 310-623-4856 or

*Photo courtesy of Generation Earth.