It’s that time of year again. Sure, it is getting dark earlier, the weather is cooling off and the leaves are falling to the ground. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to give a little back in 2011 to the City we all love and call home. Below is a list of some of the great upcoming eco-events in the area that we recommend checking out!

> Gardens sure do rock. Transition LA will be hosting a Community Garden Work Day on Friday, November 4th, where your hard work can help provide fresh produce for local food pantries.

> TreePeople will be adding beauty to the Pacoima Park by planting 14 trees on Saturday, November 5th and they are looking for volunteers.

> Take a tour of the majestic Cabrillo Marine Aquarium on Sunday, November 6th. Starting at the aquarium courtyard, you’ll visit the native garden, salt marsh, beaches and tidepools.

> Irrigation is a complex topic. That’s why we are thankful that the Theodore Payne Foundation is going to break it down for us on Saturday, November 12th at their Irrigation 101 seminar in Sun Valley.

> Want to learn how to reduce your waste, get rid of chemicals and reuse water? We thought so. On Thursday, November 17th, Sustainable Works will be holding a workshop on these very subjects and they would love for you to attend.

> Clean beaches! We love those! Earth Resource Foundation will be down in Huntington doing a beach cleanup on Saturday, November 19th and are looking for teenagers in particular to pitch in for this great event.

> Also, on November 19th, Justin Rudd’s 30 Minute Beach Cleanup will be picking up trash in Long Beach, where the LA River drains into the ocean, to pick up trash that makes its way to the Pacific via our storm drains. It’s only a half hour, but a lot can be done in this short amount of time.

> Composting is easy, especially with a little training and know-how. The City of LA Bureau of Sanitation will be holding a class on composting two days after Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 26th at Griffith Park. After the event there will even be a sale on compost bins so you can have one of your very own!

Please, check out all of the month’s volunteering and stormwater events by visiting our calendar. If you have an event you would like to include on our calendar, email us at

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