It may sound like an eco-giant with a huge appetite. In fact, maybe it is. The BigBelly Solar trashcan is hungry for trash and powered by, you guessed it, the sun!

Developed by entrepreneur James Poss, the BigBelly Solar trash compactor can hold four times as much trash as a normal trashcan. Recently, two BigBelly trash compactors were purchased with funds allocated to the Echo Park’s Trash Abatement Project (TAP) by the City Office of Community Beautification and Keep Los Angeles Beautiful.

The LA Stormwater Program donated the time and produced the graphics that appear on the BigBelly trash devices. We are proud to be a part of this little piece of LA eco-history! On September 14th, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in Echo Park to unveil the first functioning BigBelly Solar trash compactor in Los Angeles. City Councilman Eric Garcetti and other City employees were in attendance for the “green” carpet event.

“These units will not only reduce the amount of trash drifting on pavements and streets, but will also address the long term health of Echo Park Lake and improving water quality in the LA River and ocean as well,” Ida Talalla of TAP wrote in a blog post for LA Stormwater last May. “A litter-free society is an achievable goal if we commit to recycle, reuse and dispose of trash responsibly.”

If you live near Echo Park, you can see one of these for cool sun-powered devices for yourself. Simply head out to the northeast corner of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. Have you seen the BigBelly trashcans in person? If not, check out the BigBelly trashcan photos on our Facebook page!

Do you think these BigBelly trashcans will make an impact for a litter-free LA? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!