The Prize: Win a framed Stormwater Marine Poster signed especially for you by the artist – LA Stormwater’s very own graphics director, Oscar Amaro.

Contest: We had such a great response to our Name That Animal contest we decided to give you more trivia questions and another opportunity to win an iconic LA Stormwater design! Urban runoff drains into our ocean every day endangering many different sea animals, some of which are depicted in our Stormwater Marine Poster below. Take a good look at the poster and read through our trivia questions to name that sea creature!

*Write your answers in the comment section below.

Deadline: We will select a winner on August 31, 2011.
One last thing, anyone who gives it a try will receive a FREE poster, so you have nothing to lose!

Sea Life Trivia
1) Many larger sea animals eat plastic bags because they think it’s me. What am I?

2) Pesticides and Herbicides strongly affect plankton, which is one of my favorite foods. I can consume 5,500 pounds of plankton a day! What am I?

3) I’m a furry marine animal with flippers that likes to eat bottom-dwelling sea life such as mussels, abalone, and clams, which can be hard to find when they’re covered with trash. What am I?

4) I mistake plastic bags for food sometimes. When this happens, my belly hurts and I can
no longer surf the waves and travel in my families pod. What am I?

5) I’m big, blubbery, and like to hang out on the docks. When I’m not basking in the sun, I like
to snack on squid and octopus, but sometimes I get confused and eat not-so-tasty plastic
debris instead.

Bonus Question: They call me a California  ______ head. All of my marine-friends and I agree, we’re no fan of a dirty sea.