Do you see what I see?! There are a lot of things wrong with the photo below. We won’t help you out with any tips (what’s THAT doing there?) but we will let you know that there are 20 things wrong with this picture in total. Can you spot just five of them? If so, please post your combo of 5 in the comment section below by June 10th. Once you do, you’ll be entered to win 4 FREE tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. It’s that easy! Good luck and happy surfing! And thanks to Seafood for the Future for donating the Aquarium tickets!

The LA Stormwater Program would like to credit JJ Rudisill, a New York based artist, for allowing us to use the great illustration featured above. You can view more of JJ’s work at The illustration was originally featured in the January 2011 issue of Southwest’s Spirit magazine. A big clean water thank you to both Spirit and JJ!