Planning efforts for the Proposition O funded Westside Park Rainwater Irrigation Project are currently underway and runoff from 3,700 acres of land adjacent to South Fairfax Avenue will be targeted in an effort to reduce stormwater pollution that currently flows into Ballona Creek and Santa Monica Bay.

Once completed this project will help to reduce beach closures, increase tourism, benefit marine habitat and enable the City to meet stormwater pollutant reduction goals while using stormwater to irrigate the park’s landscape.

“One of the big benefits of the Westside Park Rainwater Irrigation Project is how it will reduce the need for outside water sources for irrigation in this park,” says Wing Tam of the City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program. “In a drought year, using rainwater for irrigation will drastically reduce potable water use in the area and cut our expenses significantly.”

Reusing rainwater is at the heart of the Westside Park Rainwater Irrigation Project. Off-site surface runoff will be diverted from an existing storm drain to a lift station that will filter water through a screen removing floatable waste and heavy sediments. A filtration system consisting of a two-acre network of sub-surface irrigation pipes will provide water to the park’s natural vegetation through root uptake. Excess filtered stormwater will be stored in a series of underground chambers. Once these chambers reach their capacity, the surplus water is discharged towards a dry creek and back into a storm drain.

In addition, the Westside Park will benefit the surrounding neighborhood. A playground, that will be financed through sources other than Proposition O, will be developed providing children and their families with a Universally Accessible Playground to romp and play on during a sunny weekend afternoon. An outdoor fitness center featuring exercise equipment will draw health-enthusiasts of all ages. Lastly, a new solar-powered lighting system and fencing will make the surrounding community a safer place for the Angelenos who call the La Cienega/Fairfax area their home.

It is multi-beneficial projects like this that make our communities better,” says Cynthia Ruiz, president, Board of Public Works. “It is exciting that we are moving forward with this important stormwater improvement project that will not only affect Westside Park, but the neighborhood at large.”

Construction on the Westside Park Rainwater Irrigation Project will begin in July 2010 and end in July 2011.

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In Brief:

Planning begins for Fairfax Proposition O-funded Stormwater project

- Rainwater reuse eliminates using potable water for outdoor irrigation

- Community improvements also include a new, safer park

- Construction will be completed in July 2011