L.A Can’t Do It Alone: Team Effort Campaign Calls Us to Action

Team effort goes a long way and it certainly shows here in L.A.

The upcoming Stormwater Program’s Team Effort ad campaign displays this message of collaboration, as city departments, non-profit organizations, businesses and residents come together daily to make Los Angeles a more enjoyable place to call home. The headline of the ad, “Clean Water: It’s a Team Effort”, expresses this rapport, and follows up with a call to action for pollution prevention. The Stormwater Program’s mission for the campaign is to empower communities and residents to improve their local environment and build partnerships throughout the City. From downtown to surrounding neighborhoods to the beach, all areas are affected by the choices we make when disposing of trash, chemicals and other toxins harmful to our wellbeing.

Everyday trash is an important focus of the campaign, and the City addresses this with a message from children asking L.A. : “Please Don’t Litter, Thank You!”. The pictorial account shows that children are a major motivation of the team effort, because they are the most affected by current behaviors of littering and illegal dumping. Two additional campaign photos tell the story of City employees More >